Kate's Blog #3 - Winter Weather

If you have been reading my recent blogs, you know I am on a year-long journey, committed to walking each and every day - no excuses for weather, illness, laziness, or busyness.  And, I have to be honest - it's getting more and more difficult. It is a good thing I have so many of you now keeping me accountable!

Yesterday, I walked through a wind so severe that just standing still and leaning into it increased my heart rate.  I had my umbrella with me because it was also raining, but every time I attempted to raise it, I was actually blown backward (making that statement about "two steps forward, one step back" literal!)  As I walked in the door 40 minutes later, shaking off the rain, trying to close my umbrella, and saying unrepeatable words (don't worry, I added "asana" to the end of each!), the cats both ran for cover!

This morning, the sidewalks and streets were covered with a thin sheet of ice.  Luckily, I had attached my "shoe chains" (that's what I call them - I don't know what they're really called.  Those of you who know me well know that I have a real problem with "titles".) that my running friend recommend many years ago.  They really serve a dual purpose - they are so noisy that no one on my route needs their alarm and I wake up all the dogs, but they do allow me to walk on (frozen) water!

So, for those of you that are wondering if the storms are keeping me from my daily walk - they aren't.  I seem not to have enough sense to come in from the rain.