Kate's Blog #2 - Under the Dome

Under the Dome

I know I said to watch for my blog on April 2, 2016 as to whether or not I completed my one year of walking each and every day - no excuses. I decided to write now for two reasons:

#1 - Quite frankly, it is getting harder and harder to walk each and every day. Writing about it and posting it on Facebook helps to keep me accountable.

#2 - A friend/student at The Yoga Pearl asked about my journey. So, here it is, Karon, I hope it helps you with your own interior Warrior Woman!

If, by the title, you thought this was going to be a review of either the book or the t.v. series by the same name, I am sorry to disappoint (however, here is my opinion - the first is well worth your time, the second not so much). I titled this "Under the Dome" because that is where I have been on more than one occasion recently when I've walked - under the dome of this cool umbrella I bought for walking, that covers the top half of me and is clear (so I can actually see where I'm going). I have always known I need a lot more gear to walk in inclement weather, which is why I have avoided it up until April 1, 2015! In Nevada, if you wait - a minute or a day or a week - the weather clears up and you don't need as much gear. If you have set that intention to walk each and every day no matter what, you don't have the luxury of waiting.

So, now I am gearing up for my walk (and envying my friend who runs about 15 degrees warmer than do I. I was thinking about her on my walk the other day - she is probably throwing on a just light jacket over her running clothes on this particular morning that I have now put on knee high socks, fleece tights, a long-sleeved base layer, a hoodie, a jacket, boots, and gloves. I remember my cell phone because, if I fall over like that kid in "A Christmas Story" I don't have a big brother to run back and set me up again.) I have to get up a half an hour earlier than I do in the summer just to get ready to walk!

Over the past six weeks, I have had not fewer than 8 doctor, dentist, and lawyer (one of which was in Carson City) appointments, in addition to running the business, teaching my classes, leading two 10 hour Teacher Training weekends, participating in the usual business meetings, ministerial coaching calls, and all of the other tasks (answering e-mails, telephone calls, paying bills, etc) inherent in running a home and a business. I've had personal commitments also - birthday parties and jewelry parties, lunches with friends, watching my nephew and grandson, trick-or-treating (no I didn't dress up - I went with my grandson!), hair cuts, and movies. All things I have chosen for my life.

I've also chosen to walk - for my physical health, for my mental stability (trust me on this), for my emotional peace, to connect spiritually with that Universal Energy - that Prana - in which I truly do live, move, and have my being. And, I have walked each and every day since last I wrote - I'm over halfway to my goal!

It's getting harder, though. This morning it snowed. It's Tuesday, so I can walk after I teach and the sun did come out about 9:00 (it was a wet snow last night and the trees kept dumping their bounty of water on me as it melted off of them and I didn't have my dome, so as I write this I am also drying off). And, tomorrow, I teach 4 classes and have a meeting in between and Book Group after my last class and I have to go back and clean the studio and my grandson is spending the night tonight and will be here in the morning before I go to work. When to walk? When to walk? Anybody care to join me for a midnight stroll?