Simply Spiritual

Our Simply Spiritual group begins with a general check in, centering, and brief discussion of how we each are doing in our own spiritual practice.

We move on to our discussion topic, often related to a book we are reading as a group.  The last fifteen minutes are devoted to meditation with a healing intention.

Gentle Yoga

A class suitable for beginners, offering mindful stretching flow with standing, seated and lying postures - an experience which will bring flexibility and stability of both mind and body!

Community Yoga

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:15-6:15pm for a special drop-in rate of only $8.00! Current pass holders are free to use their pass for the class, and don't need to pay extra.  


Our Restorative Yoga classes focus on stretching with a restorative nature.  They provide a wonderful compliment to our more invigorating Yoga classes, and are perfect for beginners, those needing to stretch after a long day, or anyone with limited range of movement. 

"Calming the mind is Yoga. Not just standing on the head." --Swami Satchidananda

"Calming the mind is Yoga. Not just standing on the head." --Swami Satchidananda


Yin Yoga

While the Yang practice of yoga (most of what we practice here in the West) is muscular in nature, Yin Yoga is receptive.  It is practiced with relaxed muscles and held for longer periods, allowing gravity and time to deepen the stretch. Practicing Yin balances the muscular intensity of a Vinyasa-based practice.  Yin Yoga is perfect for beginners, or anyone suffering from injury or limited range of movement.



Calm and Centered

Research shows that we carry much of our stress in our shoulders and hips.  As a result our neck, back and knees often ache also.  "Calm and Centered" is a class designed to reduce physical tension in our shoulders and hips in order to relieve stress which accumulates from our daily lives.  It consists of a sequence to warm the body followed by Asanas targeting these tight places, followed by a transformational meditation technique - leaving you calm and centered even after your most hectic day.

Simply Yoga

Our Simply Yoga classes are a Level One based practice with a focus on yoga basics.  This is a perfect class for beginners, those wanting to work on basics, form and alignment, and for those returning to practice after an absence due to illness or injury



Mindful Flow and Energizing Flow

Our Mindful Flow is one step up from our Simply Yoga and a tad easier than our Vinyasa Yoga.  With an emphasis on stretching, basic balances, and flow, we strive to make all of our Mindful Flows accessible for beginners, yet this class is perfect for students with Yoga experience.  We will show modifications to make all postures easier, however in these classes we will also target our more intermediate practitioners with ways to make the postures a little bit harder.  You choose the intensity with which you work! Energizing Flow takes it one step further and enlivens the body and pushes you just a little harder! Explore those harder postures and move at a quicker speed. Perfect for the Yogi/Yogini who wants to challenge themselves!


Buti ® Yoga

Buti ® Yoga is a wonderful practice combining Yoga, tribal dance, and interval training.  Accessible to everybody, as long as they're willing to HAVE FUN!  Buti for Beginners is the perfect way to experience Buti without jumping, and with modified Yoga postures. Buti Yoga Lite focuses solely on Yoga poses with a small bit of movement, without any dance or cardio. For more information on Buti ® Yoga, visit


photograph courtesy of Kimberli Kyler

photograph courtesy of Kimberli Kyler


"Where Do I Go From Here?  A Guide to Moving Through the Classes at The Yoga Pearl"

In an effort to lessen the confusion about how to make your practice more challenging (perhaps) or what classes to take when you have been ill or are coming back to practice after a surgery or injury, this is a brief guide to the classes at The Yoga Pearl.

The Restorative, Yin, Calm and Centered and Gentle Flow classes are appropriate for all levels of practice - and may be especially useful for beginners or those who are returning to a practice after surgery, and illness, or an injury.  These classes are slower paced and focus on flexibility and stress reduction.

If you want something a bit more challenging, experiment with our "Simply (NOT SIMPLE!) Yoga".  These are our ongoing basic classes and focus on strength, flexibility, and balance.  They move at a slower pace than our harder classes, using both English and Sanskrit names for the poses.  These classes are perfect for Beginners, those coming back to a practice after a time away and want more challenge than the Gentle or Yin classes, and can move between levels (lying, sitting, standing). 

If you have been attending the Simply Yoga classes for a while and are ready for even more challenge, your next step may be to attend Mindful Flow or Energizing Flow! While we offer modifications in all of our classes, these classes presuppose that the practitioner has yoga experience.  The focus is on strength, balance, flexibility, and perhaps a bit of cardio!