Rev. Dr. Kathaleen (Kate) Martin Midcalf, 700 hr CYT, Founder/Master Teacher

Kathaleen (Kate) is an ordained minister who holds a B.A. in Women's Studies, a M.S. in Natural Health, and a Doctorate in Natural Health (her specialty area of concentration is nutritional consultation).  She has been in the fitness/wellness industry since 1990, and is certified in yoga and meditation at the 700 Hour Level.  Kate also practices Healing Touch.

Healing Touch is a biofield (magnetic field around the body) therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Healing Touch uses the gift of touch to influence the human energy system, specifically the energy field that surrounds the body, and the energy centers that control the flow from the energy field to the physical body.

It is based on a heart-centered, caring relationship in which the practitioner and client come together energetically to facilitate the client's health and healing, restoring balance and harmonies in the energy system, placing the client in a position to self heal. Kate has been offering Healing Touch since 2009.

 Kate's areas of expertise include yoga, meditation, spiritual mentoring, nutritional consultation and Healing Touch. She offers support to others in meeting their goals for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  She is qualified to teach yoga to children and senior citizens, as well as prenatal yoga.  She also taught in the public school system for five years.

    As an ordained minister in the state of Nevada, Kate is a Celebrant licensed to officiate your wedding.  She has 6 years of experience coordinating weddings at Center for Spiritual Living in Reno and has been officiating weddings since 2011 at many locations in the Reno/Sparks area (as well as in California) and supports the couple in their belief system, whether it be a civil, religious, or simply spiritual ceremony.  She also is a Celebrant for Renewal of Vows, Baby Blessings, and Funerals.

    Kate's basic philosophy is that yoga can be a safe and effective physical exercise program, as well as a practice of deep spiritual growth, emotional healing, and mental discipline.  Along with meditation and proper nutrition, healing can occur in all areas of life.  Her intention is to bring joy to everyone whom she serves in her capacity as teacher, mentor and minister, building a community of inclusivity at the Pearl.



Tessa Miller Osborne, 300hr CYT, Manager, Buti ® Yoga Certified Instructor

Tessa has a 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification through Aura Wellness Center, and a 300hr Yoga Teacher Certification through The Yoga Pearl.  She has been teaching Yoga since April of 2013. Tessa is currently a Certified Meditation Instructor, as well as certified in Prenatal Yoga.  She also holds an Associate of Arts degree with an extra study in dance, and taught dance/creative movement for over five years.  She also holds a Bachelors Degree in English Literature, and is currently working towards a Masters in English.  In addition, Tessa holds a certification in Buti ® Yoga - which she believes in passionately, and truly has seen how it can heal your life.  She believes every body can do Yoga, and encourages students to attempt postures they may be fearful of, to learn how to move through fears on and off the mat.  Tessa believes in focusing on breath work to deepen any posture, and focuses on holding postures a little longer to move deeper in to every pose while using alignment to keep the body safe.  Tessa runs the studio with Kate, and is proud of the safety and community The Yoga Pearl provides to every individual, including herself.



Kim Meyer, 200hr CYT, Instructor

Kim began her journey into Yoga almost fifteen years ago.  Dabbling in different aspects of Yoga, she found it immensely helpful during both of her pregnancies.  She got serious about Yoga approximately seven years ago, when an inexplicable force drew her to The Yoga Pearl.  She was immediately immersed in the peace and tranquility of the studio.  Within in this studio and through the mentoring of Kate, Yoga has helped her through the death of her parents and just the day to day.  Yoga has not only allowed her to explore other aspects of her strengths, but also her weaknesses, to grow, and to understand.  She loves the beauty in the flow of Vinyasa; She loves connecting movement to breath; She loves the challenge of being present in every moment on the mat and bringing that into her life off the mat. She has completed Levels I and II of Healing Touch and has completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Pearl.  She looks forward to bringing the joy of Yoga to others!


Nicole Christensen, 200hr CYT, Instructor

Nicole is a life enthusiast and lover of learning. Always being drawn to the complex beauty of nature and people, she began her studies in biopsychology and human development at UCSB. During this time, she also led back packing excursions and fell in love with Afro-Brazilian dancing and music. These activities brought together people from all different walks of life and cultures from around the world in mind, body, and spirit. It was through these connections that yoga found Nicole. While not fully immersed in a personal practice at this time, anytime anyone was willing to share their experiences, Nicole was ready to listen. Planting the seed that would blossom right when she needed it most. After facing the effects of trauma and struggling with severe allergies, asthma, and ineffective immunotherapy , Nicole actively sought out yoga for herself. This initial journey was a very personal exploration with a primary focus on practices that simply helped her feel strong and healthy as well as maintain a  sense of ease in her breath and life. Fast forward a few years, a few moves, and a couple kids later, Nicole found herself at The Yoga Pearl where she continues to dig deeper into her yoga studies and where all of the pieces started falling into place. She completed her 240 hour yoga teacher training with The Yoga Pearl and became certified at the Basic Teaching Skills level in May 2019. Bringing together her passion of psychology with her dedication of exploring, accepting, and healing the effects of life through the body, she hopes to facilitate classes that empower students to embody their own definition of living well. Her desire to share her yoga practice with others stems from the belief that “the best way to learn something is to teach it”.  


Beth Waldren, 200hr CYT, Instructor

After many years of practicing yoga for her own well-being and benefit, Beth decided to expand her love and knowledge of yoga and become certified to teach. In May 2019 she completed her 200 hour teacher training here at The Yoga Pearl.. Even with yoga being a huge passion of her's It's just one of the many passions she has. In 2017 she became a certified Holistic Health Coach with a focus in plant-based nutrition. Another passion of her's is cooking and sharing the experience of love through food and health. Through her love of gardening, cooking, animal welfare and healthy living she realized she wanted to share her deepest loves with the community. I hope by joining her you will gain the confidence through yoga that she did to follow your earthly dreams.

Our Beautiful Substitute Teachers


Marisa Hess, 200hr CYT, Instructor

Before Marisa ever took her first yoga class, she called the studio to ask if she could attend class even if she had never exercised a day in her life. She used the word ‘wooden’ to describe her body.

 From there, she attended yoga classes on and off throughout the years, but not enough to develop a deeper connection to the practice. After she had her child, she needed an escape, and a place she could go to be away from nursing, working, and sleepless nights. She found a studio she could walk to and made sure she went every week. When she moved back to Reno five years ago, she wanted to continue with her now regular practice, and thankfully, she found her friendly neighborhood studio, The Yoga Pearl. She continued to practice weekly, but as always, it was about the physicality of yoga, the asana.

 This all changed for her when last year she decided to delve deeper into her personal practice. She signed up for a workshop to learn about the Eight Limbs of Yoga, and it turned her life upside down. Through this, she learned to examine stale patterns that kept her stuck.

She’s learned how to let go of what no longer serves her, and she has learned how to accept her whole self. Though she has always been a creative person, she finally embraced herself as an artist. Through this growth, her life has bloomed: She has healed hidden scars, her most important relationships have improved, and with her husband, she has launched two creative businesses.  With Yoga, Marisa truly lives the story she wants to tell.

 She has been a bakery princess, a goth, a raver, a wife, a mom, a restaurant manager, a cheesemonger. She has made wedding cakes and hand-decorated cookies. She’s done graphic arts, drawing, watercolors, acrylic painting, coloring, sewing, pysanky eggs, beading, jewelry making, calligraphy. She has a degree in Graphic Arts, and through all of this, she had never accepted herself as an artist. But with yoga, her life has changed because she has changed. She teaches yoga so that she can share this joy and this light. If yoga can do this for her, she feels it can heal any person.

 After completing her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with The Yoga Pearl in 2019, Marisa now teaches Yoga with grace, joy and ease.  She aims to co-create experiences where her students feel safe, supported and successful.  Namaste! 


Beverley Boekhoud, 200hr CYT, Instructor

Beve has always had a deep passion for advancing people and nurturing them to succeed in small business development. Previously working in Business Development and Entrepreneurship, she left the corporate environment when she relocated to Sparks in 2014.  Beve started her yoga practice two and a half years ago, in the past shying away from it, until she realised, ‘Yoga is for Runners and Everyone Else. Beve immediately fell in love with the whole concept of the yogi life. The peace of mind in deepening her own spirituality. Building her strength of character and the physical flexibility it gave her, connecting mind, body and breath on the mat and off the mat. Beve always wanted to be good at running, inspired by her sister an Ultra marathoner and many other runners she watched from afar. She therefore embarked on the Yoga Teacher’s Training course to deepen and enhance her own personal practice, both mentally and physically. With the desire to become a better runner, growing stronger and more flexible.  Beve found her home and a place in the community here at The Yoga Pearl. She felt accepted and believed Yoga was certainly where she could flourish. Beve wishes to share her special journey, her newfound love of Yoga, with others so they too can live their Namaste and succeed. Beve has recently completed her 200hour Yoga Teacher Training certification at the Yoga Pearl. Graduating this September and joining us as our newest recruit


Jackie Green, 200hr CYT, Instructor

Jackie has long been drawn to yoga, practicing intermittently for more than 20 years. She found her way to the Yoga Pearl in January 2016 and by the following year was ready to make a commitment to her practice, becoming certified in September 2017. A musician and writer, Jackie hopes to further explore yoga’s effects on the mind, particularly as it relates to creativity. From a practical standpoint, Jackie has seen many healthful results of her yoga practice, including lower cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition, her yoga practice has made her stronger, both inside and out, which is a good thing because she always has some new endeavor in sight, whether it’s bicycling the Edible Pedal, traveling through Europe or going on some new adventure with her teenage daughter!

jill staff picture.jpg

Jill Porter, 200hr CYT

The Yoga Pearl is such a big part of Jill's life and has been for years now. Jill considers The Yoga Pearl her safe place, and is a place that's opened up such self growth on and off the mat. Jill's journey through yoga has impacted her life with such positivity and her perspectives on life itself have become much more calm and aware. The practice itself, guidance from Kate, and having Tessa as a friend, inspired Jill to explore a deeper understanding of Yoga. With a lot of support and dedication Jill finished the teacher training in July of 2015, shortly after becoming a mother. This accomplishment has challenged her as a student, teacher, partner, and a mother. It's provided tools to overcome her weaknesses and recognize her strengths on and off the mat. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to pursue something she is passionate about. Jill is always seeking consistent growth as a student and a teacher.   Jill enjoys focusing on breath work, alignment, provides encouragement to her students to get to know their inner selves and listen to their bodies with awareness as they work through poses, still honoring the yogic philosophy. Jill's intention as a teacher is to provide the experience of what yoga has given her, the awareness for the thoughts and patterns that hold us back, aiming to expand the ability to genuinely embrace the beautiful things in life.